But you are right, if I actually want to be helpful here, I

How can I help our marketing department

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moncler jackets cheap Our marketing “team” (startup so, just one guy) is inundated with data right now, and has expressed interest in having the company hire a moncler uk outlet consultant to do something with the data (our guy can do basic descriptive stats, and we have programs that connect things like website visits to purchases, but that the extent). I would really like to take a moncler outlet woodbury crack at analyzing this marketing data because I think it would moncler sale online be a great opportunity for me to moncler online store diversify my skills. My workload could also easily accommodate a new project (and I sure I would be far cheaper than a consultant). moncler jackets cheap

Official Moncler Outlet Any ideas of what I could propose to my boss? I really don moncler usa have much experience with marketing data at all, I was thinking an analysis to look at our sales geographically might be helpful and an easy enough starting point? But I would love any suggestions. Official Moncler Outlet

moncler coats sale I work mainly in R if that helpful. cheap moncler jackets My background is more grounded in econometrics but I have also taken classes in data mining/classification. But there must be some deficiency that your marketing person can articulate as he interacts with customers on a regular basis. Customer base is exhausted? Are there very few repeat cheap moncler coats mens customers? Since clustering is already mentioned, I would also suggest bucket your customers into brackets. Number of Employee 0 2000, 2000 10000 etc and analyse your sales based on features that moncler outlet sale intuition deems important. If predictive analysis is your thing then look at predicting results of a past marketing campaign to reduce customer cheap moncler sale acquisition cost in future campaigns. Focus on a problem to solve. I think the cluster analysis sounds like it will be helpful so I will probably suggest that as a starting point. But you are right, if I actually want to be helpful here, I will need to get smarter on our business goals! The cheap moncler jackets womens main thing limiting our sales right discount moncler jackets now is that our sales moncler outlet team is very small, and most of our customers are hospitals so uk moncler sale we moncler sale need to get our foot in the door with every potential customer, so to speak. Our product suite is relatively new (as in, most hospitals don intuitively understand the benefit to using our products, and some have never heard of the products at all) so a lot of legwork goes into each sale. So as best as I can articulate it, we are hoping to gain some insight that will allow us to use our sales force time most efficiently to generate the most sales moncler coats sale.